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About HSP

New York Style Psychology from Herald Square of Manhattan
Bringing New York Style psychology to English and Japanese speakers in Tokyo Japan! In the world-class cities of New York and now Tokyo, we bring an optimistic and high quality service to professionals, executives and everyday people who want to do better in living the lives they want.

Bringing the training, standards, quality and traditions of New York City, we offer hope and relief to those seeking a better way to live life. Our methods offer evidence-based treatments that can be found across the world. In addition, these treatments are informed by an understanding learned in New York City developed over many years from different theories and methodologies.

For Japanese speakers, our Clinical Psychologist has a native understanding of Japanese culture and sensitivity and can guide you in the techniques proven to work with a positive regard New Yorkers enjoy from therapy. For English speakers, we offer both a native Japanese experience and an American Clinical Psychologist from Manhattan.

Herald Square is a famous location in Manhattan, New York City. It is an intense area that has world-class businesses in a small space. Our company began there and our clientele reflect that urban environment. We believe that therapy can benefit anyone, from artists, homemakers, civil servants, at home parents, couples in need of a safe place to speak, service industry, students, people away from home, and others from everyday people and all walks of life.
For professionals and executives
Going to a qualified psychologist not only provides you with relief from the normal challenges of everyday living, it gives you an edge in being the professional you want to become. Studies have shown that going to a qualified psychologist leads to better outcomes and professional success.
It is an investment in yourself and your company.
Like all things in life, business is about relationships. Our job is to find out what you want, and help you get it. Often, it requires bringing awareness to how you are making decisions that are often just outside of consciousness. Because of the importance of confidentiality, our professional clients can best be described as diverse set of highly skilled, highly motivated persons in extremely demanding and competitive work environments.

Our clients come from banking, trading, finance, fashion, advertising, legal, government and tech companies, among others found in and near Herald Square. As a consequence, we can offer an understanding gained from years of working with these professionals and their struggles to cope and thrive in their fields.
What can be gained:
- How to handle pressure and anxiety symptoms.
- Making a choice for a career move
- Choosing the right fit for your skills
- A place to reflect out loud the thoughts, ides and feeling about decisions to be made
- A place where you can get honest feedback, something often not available for those in authority who cannot be as easily challenged at their work setting
- Ways to cope with anxiety about public speaking or important presentations
- Helping professional women navigate an environment traditional dominated by men
- Adjusting to a new company, city, or country.
- How to gain social and emotional intelligence to improve relationships and deal with difficult personalities.
- How to present one’s self in different interpersonal and professional environments
- How to deal with stress, frustration, uncertainty, and doubt.
- Identify maladaptive coping, such as drinking, smoking, problems with eating, problems with sexuality or avoidance.
- How to communicate effectively in professional settings in a way that can be heard by different audiences
- how to resolve conflict with peers or effectively manage those that report to you
- How to negotiate salary and compensation
- Anger management
- How to overall do better, recognize and pursue life goals
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